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The Russian Blue Portrait


The Russian Blue is harmonious, elegant, distinguished.
Her body is long, slim, average sized (some males are big sized). Sexual dimorphism is present, the male being longer and more muscled than the female, which is rather more delicate. The cat has an athletic aspect, given by the fine bones, long limbs and firm muscles.



The neck is long and gracious. The ears are big, wide at the base and quite distanced (on a wide head), highly positioned, giving the cat an aristocratic look. They are covered by short, thin hairs, which make them seem transparent.
The corners of the mouth are slightly lifted, giving its face a misterious smile, specific for the breed.
The eyes are average-sized, migdal-shaped, distanced, of a vivid green colour. They are remarcably expressive. It has been said that this green “comes from the inside”…
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The Russian Blue Behaviour

Without considering myself as the absolute truth owner, I can tell you that: they are very intelligent cats, sometimes of an amazing discretion, sometimes very insistent. The suggestively express their wishes, thus they can be easily understood. They attentively watch you, and they even have an inquiring tone when they don’t understand something. Generally, they have a pleasant voice quality, some of them sound like a melody when they call you. Their eyes make their beautiful face even more expressive. They feel that you love them and they fully reward you for this; they follow you everywhere, like a shadow (they are also called “the Blue Shadow”). ...read the whole article...


The Russian Blue Personality and Temperament

The Russian Blue temperament is medium active. She is alert and cautios, intelligent and inventive in her playing. The tom cats, being more athletic than females, open doors (which, of course, are unlocked). They play with simple or sophisticated toys, without getting bored of them. When they go to eat or drink water, they often take their toys with them, and when they get sleepy, they hide them (if there are other pets in the house) before going to sleep.
She is very agile, her hunter instinct is almost intact. Even if she does not get the chance to hunt anything else except flies, she does it with maximum focus and seriousness. ...read the whole article...


Russian Blue Breed's History

For those of you who are interested in this wonderful cat, Russian Blue, I’ll post here a brief history of this breed, containing: origins, breeders, official breed recognition, breed salvage after World War II.
Out of consideration for the work of lots of breeders to maintain, salvage and ameliorate the Blue Russian breed, I’ll remind a few milestones in its history:
The Russian Blue breed appeared naturally, the most probable variant being the one which considers the White Sea shore, in Occidental Russia, as the craddle of the “blue shadow”.
Russian Blue’s birth city is considered to be the Russian harbour Arhangelsk, at 247km distance from the Arctic Circle (explaining also another name of Russian Blue cats: “The Archangel Cat”)
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Russian Blue, The Blue Wonder...

If you know the breed's history, then you must have followed also the episodes describing the breed’s salvage after the second world war, in British and Scandinavian catteries, as well as the ones related to the official acknowledgement of the breed, and the standard’s setting. It also means that you know the general aspect and the final standard which was adopted (thus you know why they are called “the Blue Wonder”).




The Cats Organizations Standards

The Russian Blue breed standards of various cats organizations are more or less different. Thus, it is about FIFe, CFA, TICA GCCF standards... I will briefly mention the FIFe score, without so many details as in Russian Blue breed's presentation, and without details of this score or of the judging sheet.

Head 25 points
Eyes 10 points
Body 30 points
Coat 30 points
General condition 5 points

TOTAL 100 points