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Mona - Lisa

The key female of my feline family.
A female deeply involved in cattery's life. When a member of the cattery is ill, Mona follows me with her eyes, trying (and succeeding) to read on my face if that member is going to be fine or not. She encouraged all females at birth and many times she helped nursing, caring and educating other females' kittens.
Many females, after giving birth, especially those who were delivering for the first time, came with their babies in Mona's litter, next to her kittens. Mona was nursing until a few months of age her babies and the ones of other females not so rich in milk.
Mona tought the babies of all females "the hunt" and the mortal bite, applied on fluffy toys.
Altruist, living like she was there only to help, Mona became loved and respected by all other females. Greedy, gourmand, sourdine music lover.
She gave to the cattery her son, IC Serghei, the grandchildren IC RO* Cendre de Roses Tristan, JW, GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ruslan, GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ludmilla, IC RO* Cendre de Roses Giuliano, the grand grand child RO* Cendre de Roses Isolda.
Mona-Lisa had a very difficult birth last time (unlike the precedent ones), so I decided not to put her at risk again, and to retire her. I can't imagine how my cattery is going to be without the active Mona, but I'm sure she will find herself a place in my cats collectivity. Mona has already entered the history of the cattery, she would remain a legend and I hope to have her with us in her new role, for many years from now.




A tomcat who is very loving with me, but authoritary with younger tomcats.
He has an eternal "upset" with Giuliano.
Greedy, gourmand, he has always been solid, even chubby.
He gave the cattery his son, GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ruslan, his daughter, GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ludmilla and the grand daughter RO* Cendre de Roses Isolda.

PR RO* Cendre de Roses Rusalka

An independent, intelligent, calculated, acrobat, selfish, gourmand female.
A very caring mother for her babies (her first and last litter has five kittens, three males and two females).
It seems that all her kittens will inherit her ocean-green eyes. As she did not take the pregnancy and the after birth period very well, I decided not to put her at risk again and to offer her a peaceful life. This is why I retired her from the reproductive program.
Rusalka is now very well and loved, toghether with her equally beautiful daughter, RO* Cendre de Roses Cosette, in another human family, far away from the cattery activity.


RO* Cendre de Roses Francesca

Owner: Comarniceanu Andreea

She is a female of extremes: either she sleeps deeply, or she runs in full speed. She's a bit fearful. She was a very good mother for her kittens. The calm, balanced and appearently lazy Francesca, is full of surprises.

At the last birth, she barely had any contractions, so we thought of suregery; when we already lost hope, she managed to give birth to one signle kitten. During the first days after birth, she was about to stop lactation. Of course we helped the kitten with powdered milk, but when she heard her baby crying, she sit with him under the blanket and she kept trying to breastfeed him... so her milk came back again. Not too much (the kitten was still feed artificially) but enough for the little one to benefit from his mother's milk.

Now, our dear girl will have a more quiet life, and she will relax at ease in her favorite places.






Owner: Comarniceanu Andreea

The most intelligent female in the cattery.
Acrobat, calculated, selfish, gourmand. A special mother.

IC Serghei

Owner: Ionel Asanachescu

Very loving, even addicted to my love.
He is following me all the time, making small noises, like a child that wants to be hold. He melodiously "sings" sitting on the bookcase. He is a fan of the big heights in the house.

RO* Cendre de Roses Noisette

A wonderful girl, daughter of GIC YU* Singidunum Djina and CH RO* Cendre de Roses Emerald, two "VIPs" of the Russian Blue breed. I kept her in the cattery being positive that she'd bring a good contribution to the breeding progress. However, after her first period (which occured early, at 6 months of age) she was diagnosed with pyometra. She was neutered and she continued her joyful life. Her intense green eyes, the joy she spreads all around her, the playfulness, the innocence and the warmth of her personality are now bringing joy to a young and wonderful family... as wonderful as Noisette... my blue dream...