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Let me introduce to you my "emeralds collection".
Always in shape, my tomcats go to cats exhibitions, like real Russian Blue messengers.

GIC Bob des Rives (Faust)



A special presence in my cattery.
A typical Russian Blue tomcat: gentle, proud, very attached to me, he follows me everywhere. Sometimes annoying, sometimes discrete in his love. He feels offended if I reject him sometimes when I am in a hurry. He shows a very elegant behaviour with the other members of the family, either with two or four legs. Slim, elegant, he performs spectacular jumps on the heights in the house.

IC RO* Cendre de Roses Tristan, JW


He has a wonder of a double coat, which he takes good care of. Very playful, he likes: running, swinging on doors and walking on the lines for drying clothes.
IC RO* Cendre de Roses Giuliano (Giuli)
An eternal troubadour, he always "sings" towards females' area.
A perfect acrobat, speed runner on the clothes drying wires.
A bit more distant, but he trusts me.


IC SI* Maximus of Blue Shadows


Extremely playful, friendly, he runs like a small horse.
He has a very special voice sound, he "answers" when you talk to him.
He adores females.

GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ruslan (Rusik)
Very loving, stubborn, inventive, playful. Extremely gourmand.
IC RO* Cendre de Roses Sergio Maximus
A very nice, talkative, very intelligent tomcat, with a strong personality and a great voice. He inherited all the best from his parents (IC Maximus of Blue Shadows*SI and GIC YU* Singidunum Djina).
I realized since he was very young, that I'm going to keep him in the cattery. He confirmed my hopes, both from behavioural point of view, by integrating very well in our males collectivity, and also from the point of view of participations in the international feline shows FIFe (you can see in the News section how, at only one year and one month of age he already had a wide portfolio of feline show results:nominations in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, cups at Juniors and Males, short hair breeds, in Bulgaria and Romania, his first two CACs).


CH RO* Cendre de Roses Emerald

(Emi or The Prince)


A young male, elegant, both from the physical point of view, but also from the point of view of his behaviour towards the other members of the harmonious male colectivity in the cattery. This is why we use to call him "The Prince". He is always playful, and his voice has a very pleasant, grave tonality. Quite fearful in front of new experiences, travels, cat shows, but within acceptable limits.