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Some years ago, I was fascinated by the beautiful eyes and the intelligence of GIC Bob des Rives (Faust, for his friends), my first Russian Blue tom cat.

I started to grow this breed with passion and curiosity, then I started to feel the direction I had to follow, then to ask for advice…
Now they are part of my being and I pray to God for strength and wisdom to be able to take care of my cats a long time from now on.



Cendre de Roses Cattery has adults between 1.5 and 6.5 years old. This year, kittens who are already kept in the cattery will join. We aim to obtain kittens as close to FIFe standard as possible, healthy, with a good immune system, we track even from early stages the show cats, as well as periodically participating in international feline exhibitions.
The cats and tomcats in the cattery live together with us, being members of our family.
The females give birth once a year, and after a few births (even after one single birth, if there were problems) they are retired from the reproduction program. We are grateful to our cats for the love they share with us and because they help us to fulfill our passion to be surrounded by cats from our favourite breed.


About us

I love the mountains. The Carpathians are for me a continuous source of joy.

I love sunset (especially in the mountains).

I love flowers, especially roses (Baccara is my favourite) and Leontopodium Alpinum:


I also like romantic music and I never refuse to see a good movie

My son is the one who brought into my attention the elegant look and the beauty of Russian Blues. Thanks to him, we got Faust, our first Russian Blue tomcat.


The joy of admiring and wandering through the mountains, of watching the violet sunsets, the joy of looking at a beautiful flower... all these are equaled anly by the view offereed by the elegant, refined and devoted Russian Blue.

Our cattery's name: "Cendre de Roses" (reminding of the "rose ashes" colour), represents for me a style figure comprising the discretion and elegance which I see in these felines.