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IC YU* Singidunum Zozefina

Somehow distant, very attentive to everything, intelligent, inventive.
A perfect acrobat.
An overwhelmingly caring mother.
RO* Cendre de Roses Isolda
Since childhood, she had a mature expression.
She puts seriousness in everything she does.
An extremely caring mother.
GIC RO* Cendre de Roses Ludmilla
A sensitive girl, addicted to my love, expressive, sweet.
A tender mother.
GIC YU* Singidunum Djina
A very sensitive girl, loving, friendly, she shows friendship to other females.
Gourmand, she likes to eat.
She walks like a ballerina and she moves like a princess.
A mother very caring with her babies and careful with other females' ones.
Until now, she had the priviledge of being encouraged and instructed at births and baby care by her friend, Mona-Lisa.
IC RO* Cendre de Roses Eden-Rose
A young female, with a special temperament, of a special warmth and gentleness, with a sound voice, inherited from her father, IC Serghei. Her long limbs, her body's delicacy, her pleasure for "alpinism" on furniture, are inherited from her mother, IC YU* Singidunum Zozefina. When she looks at you with her beautiful, deep, oblong eyes, you realize how well the name fits her... A mother fully dedicated to her kittens.

IC RO* Cendre de Roses Edelweiss

(The Engineer)

Edelweiss lives up to her name: her elegant, distinguished looks, but with a strong character, independent. She knows what she wants, she is ambitious, intelligent, and she calculates her moves. Before she got pregnant, she had a passion for small to medium cables. so she took me often "far away from the unleashed world" (telephone, Internet, etc). Now she's only interested in her kittens and, as usual, in good food. She is a very careful mother, even exaggerated.