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You can pre-apply for the kittens!

For more details, contact us:+40724006149; cendrederoses@yahoo.com

Our kittens have all vaccinations done, they are dewormed, they have microchip, FIFe complete International pedigree, transfer document, international passport and health certificate. Kittens may leave the cattery after the minimum age of 4 months, all of them being correctly socialized and accustomed to a correctly diversified nutrition.

Any document regarding the cattery certifications, the pedigrees of the kittnes and of their parents, and the cats themselves (parents and sometimes even grandparents) can be seen in our cattery. Detailed explanations are available for the persons who are genuinely interested.

1. Intermediaries are excluded, we give our Russian Blue kittens only to their future owner, directly from the cattery

2. We give Russian Blue kittens with breeding rights only to breeders who are registered with FIFe. In all other cases, kittens are given only as pets, but with the right to be presented at feline shows.

3. All cats and kittens photos on our website feature cats and kittens of various ages who are either originating from our cattery or who are belonging to it.